The Necta Opera Touch coffee machine has an integrated 13.3 ″ Full HD display. Thanks to it, the selection of coffees is significantly increased, and the presentation of information is even more transparent for the user. This coffee machine has been designed to offer consumers exceptional ease of use.

  • 13.3 ” Full HD touchscreen
  • Up to 620 cups of coffee per day

  • Up to 4 configurable product categories
  • Wide choice of drinks.
  • Eye catching design.
  • Remarkable performance.
  • Ability to display information about products


Necta Opera is a vending machine equipped with the best technologies, ensuring excellent quality of coffee and drinks. It’s an elegant machine with an interface divided into two panels illuminated with LEDs.

The perfect solution for offices, waiting rooms or canteens. Opera is great for medium and large locations. Necta Opera can provide up to 620 cups of coffee a day thanks container for 3.2 kg of coffee beans.

Thanks to the wide range of configurations, with up to 20 different products to choose from, Opera is a perfect solution for many locations. With Opera you can easily prepare the perfect espresso, coffee with milk, tea, hot chocolate, and even hot soup.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

  • Up to 620 cups of coffee  per day
  • 3.2kg coffee beans container

  • Available in Espresso and Double Espresso, Instant and fresh brew versions.

  • Wide choice of drinks.


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